karyuus said:
hello!! first of all i'd like to say thank you for creating and sharing so many beautiful themes that you made c: i have a few questions since i think you are capable of utilizing javascript and jquery neatly in your works: how long did it take you to learn the basics? do you make your own scripts, or do you take parts from other sites and modify it to suit your needs? thank you!!

Ugh javascript and jquery are two ugly beasts. I still haven’t learned everything, or enough to really feel confident with them.

However, it did take me a couple months—maybe three or four?—to get to the point where I am now.

A lot of it still goes over my head, so for codes like for infinitescrolling and masonry, I use codes by others.

But everything else is written by me.

I don't remember how I found you but I'm glad I did! You're one of my favourite theme makers on here. Keep up the great work, and good luck with uni x

oh my goodness you guys are making me blush

thank you!

abbyll said:
I can just agree with all the other people. You have by far the most beautiful themes. I really love them. I wanted to ask if you only make themes for tumblr or for other websites too? Eg. Blogger or wordpress. That would be totally awesome.

Oh man thank you!

Alas, I only make themes for tumblr. I am completely unfamiliar with blogger and wordpress, and their coding platforms.

However, if I ever get into one of them, I’ll certainly let you guys know!

You are my favourite theme maker of all time. It's hard to pick one because they're all so beautiful and unique. I really like your style, it's secial and different from others ~

This made me so happy! Thank you so much oh my goodness. So kind.

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